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The sale of WRC Rally Estonia rally passes will start on Friday, June 4 at 10.00

The sale of rally passes of WRC Rally Estonia, the round of 2021 FIA World Rally Championship held on 15-18 July, will start at on Friday, June 4 at 10.00. The rally pass packages including up to 8 spectator areas, proven to be the right choice last year, will be also used this year. The total of 16 different groups of rally passes will be on sale (incl. rally passes for caravans). Maximum 1000 rally passes will be sold in each group. In addition, 3 VIP pass groups will be sold. The price of a rally pass for an adult is 79 euros.

To ensure the smooth purchase process, please review first the purchase conditions and the content of the groups of rally passes, i.e. the spectator areas therein. All necessary information is available at Please take your time to set your plan with your circle of friends about which group of rally passes is your choice and also definitely the second preference, if the first preference is sold out. The groups of the rally pass have been prepared so that you and your company can visit all the areas intended for the group during the rally weekend without rush.

Here are some important points regarding the sale of WRC Rally Estonia rally passes:

• One person can buy rally passes for the whole group - it is possible to buy one rally pass and one vehicle pass per person, i.e. personal identification code.

• One person can buy up to 20 rally passes and up to 10 vehicle passes with one purchase.

• Each person can have only one rally pass. It is not possible to resell/pass on/give as a gift/exchange a rally pass.

• The spectator area can only be accessed at a certain time with a specific group rally pass. There is no access to the spectator areas beyond the times set for the rally pass group.

• To purchase a rally pass, it is necessary to enter the name and personal identification code of the person to whom the rally pass is purchased in the shopping environment.

• If the Health Board gives the relevant consent, the delivery of rally passes and vehicle passes will start not earlier than on 28 June 2021.

• The rally passes and vehicle passes will be delivered as contactless only to Omniva Baltic and Finnish parcel machines.

• In the event of an obstacle to participation in the rally, regardless of the reason, the rally pass and vehicle passes will not be repurchased or exchanged.

• You cannot watch the rally without a rally pass.

Rally Estonia is the round of 2021 FIA World Rally Championship, which will be held in Tartu and in the rural municipalities of Tartu, Otepää, Elva, Kanepi, Kambja, Peipsiääre and Mustvee on 15-18 July 2021.

Photo: Joosep Martinson