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Rally Estonia Environmental Policy

The organisers of Rally Estonia promote environmental awareness and make every effort possible to ensure that the event causes as little ecological stress on the environment as possible. We achieved the highest, 3-Star Level of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme in 2022 and will continue to maintain this level.

Rally Estonia takes responsibility for climate change and the carbon footprint in our field and continues to offset emissions and compensate for them. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact by monitoring performance indicators and implementing remedies in the main impact areas. Partners will be involved in fulfilling our vision through communication and training. Relevant stakeholders have been identified, and we cooperate to achieve the goal.

Regarding the FIA Environmental Programme, evaluating and reducing the environmental impact of motorsport plays an integral role. Based on the FIA's recommendations, the event organization has improved the training of marshals, formal documentation, and monitoring of environmental performance. We have improved the monitoring of the event's carbon footprint and waste management system and aim to set a good example in terms of environmental issues nationally as well as internationally. Rally Estonia considers it important to participate in discussions on sustainable development together with scientists, other organizations, and the public. For that purpose, we have joined the Rohetiiger (Green Tiger) program as a founding member, aiming to become a representative organization in discussions on sustainable development to lay the foundation for a balanced economy and to make a green turn in Estonian society.

Key elements for Rally Estonia 2024 will be to put effort into increasing environmental awareness not only among the members of the organization and stakeholders but also among spectators, partners, and teams. Environmental issues, such as selecting eco-friendly products and local services and reducing emissions, are taken into consideration and uniquely identified with each partner company.

In order to promote environmental sustainability and enhance responsibility, we aim to implement the following activities and ask our partners to follow them as well:

  • Promote environmental awareness in all our channels and communications.
  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including environmental requirements and the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme.
  • Require environmental responsibility from stakeholders, cooperative partners, and suppliers, paying close attention to cooperation with all landowners, residents, and road owners.
  • Set environmental objectives and targets and measure them.
  • Concentrate on energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, such as using renewable energy sources when possible.
  • Digitize competition documentation to the maximum extent possible and reduce the volume of printed documents to a minimum.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by using hybrid or electric cars for most of the organizational vehicles; search for ways to optimize transportation and logistics to decrease emissions.
  • Offset carbon emissions by planting trees and recycling. We are trying to find new ways to apply carbon sequestration technologies.